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  • Green Jobs <BR> Retrofit Advisor Logo
  • Green Jobs <BR> Retrofit Advisor Logo
  • Green Jobs <BR> Retrofit Advisor Logo
  • Green Jobs <BR> Retrofit Advisor Logo

Want a job with great progression opportunities focused on tackling the climate crisis?

A large part of tackling climate change centers around encouraging improvements to energy efficiency within existing buildings across the UK, promoting the installation of various sustainable technologies in a process called Retrofit.

Retrofit Advisors act as Junior Project Managers, delivering consultations over the phone and via email, providing customer support and advice to people and organisations going through (or considering) energy efficient improvements to their buildings.

You will play an instrumental role in driving things forward and managing the retrofit project behind the scenes. This includes booking installers and contractors, processing grant applications, reviewing surveys and progress, and conducting initial online property assessments.

Retrofit professionals are in growing demand across energy companies, specialist installers, housing associations and local councils.  It’s estimated we’ll need 10,000 skilled retrofit professionals by 2025 alone! Once you start your career in retrofit you can progress quickly in work earning up to £30k in 2 years through various career routes in this growing sector.

This new programme will teach you everything you need to know to get certified as a qualified Retrofit professional, we’ll provide you with the skills you need to nail a job interview with one of Generation’s employer partners and launch a ‘green’ career as a top-performer from day one earning a starting salary of £20-23k.

What’s more … Generation programmes:

  • Free training and qualification: You’ll learn all you need to successfully launch your career in the Green Sector — as well as the behaviour and mindset skills you need to progress with your career!
  • Connect with employers: At the end of the programme, Generation will connect you with employers hiring for Retrofit Advisor roles, support you through your application, and help you transition into your working life.
  • Career Coaching: We provide a 1–1 career coaching experience for up to 6 months post-program, to identify your personal challenges and work with you to overcome them!
  • Stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market!

Great Retrofit Advisors are …

  • Eager to have an impact and make a difference to the climate crisis
  • Energised by working with and helping people, providing great customer service
  • Happy in the detail and process orientated
  • Comfortable working with a computer in an office environment as part of a team
  • Excited to learn new things in a changing sector

Excited? Think you have what it takes? Register!

Video FAQs

Take a look through our videos below for more information on the course and the Green Sector.

Program Length

10 weeks

Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Remote learning

All courses are currently being conducted remotely

Start Date

4 April 2022
Up to £30k when progressing into new roles after just two years!
Stand out from other applicants in the highly-competitive job market
This program is sponsored by European Social Fund Logo Macquarie Logo

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Let's get started!

  1. 10 minutes 1

    Start your application

    Fill out some quick details about yourself.

  2. 2 hours 2

    Information session

    Come to one of our information sessions to understand more about the programme and the role, and to learn how to be successful in your application

  3. 45 minutes 3

    Complete an online task

    In your own time, complete an online task related to the programme. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any existing knowledge or experience to be able to complete it.

  4. 1 hour 4

    Online Interview

    We use this time to get to know you better as a person, to learn about your motivation to do the programme, and to understand how we could best support you to complete it successfully.

  5. 5

    Programme starts!

    We’ll let you know next steps of your application, which will either be to join the programme, or a referral to further opportunities

  6. 6

    Build your career!

    Continue to advance your career in the Green sector, progressing into new roles within 2 years. Share your successes with the Generation team and stay connected with Generation through our Alumni community.


  • Aged 18+
  • Available for 10 weeks full time, and ready to start a full time job straight after the course
  • Have the legal right to work & live in the UK
  • You are not currently employed, in education or training
  • Living in West Yorkshire, Harrogate, York, Selby or Barnsley


Funded by

  • European Social Fund Logo

What your journey will look like

  • 1

    Take the first step

    Register Interest
  • 2

    Get oriented

    Complete Generation's orientation process with Generation staff. Together, we'll make sure you're ready to begin class with the resources you need to succeed.
  • 3


    Begin your training. Complete all assigned homework and come to class each day ready to learn and engage with your cohort and your instructor.
  • 4


    As training progresses, you'll work with the Generation team on mock interviews and perfecting your resume.
  • 5


    Graduate and celebrate your achievement with your friends and family.
  • 6


    Continue to advance your career. Share your successes with the Generation team and stay connected with Generation.

How we prepare you

In a world of job training programs, Generation takes a different approach to help you succeed. Generation instructors and mentors get to know each student and are there with resources, tools, and information if a student encounters a barrier.


The instructors and mentors at Generation aren't just teachers, they're coaches who stand by their students through successes and challenges.

CV Building

The right CV can open the door to new career opportunities. Generation students learn how to create a CV that showcases their skills and experiences.

Interview Rehearsal

By conducting mock interviews, then providing real-time feedback and coaching, the Generation team ensures that all graduates feel confident and prepared to interview.

Ongoing Support

After graduation, mentors and instructors continue to check in with alums, providing support with the job search and advice for continued success.

Ongoing benefits of Generation

A Trusted Network

Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


Events and workshops to help you keep growing

Give Back

Become a mentor to help others


Troubleshoot your job challenges